Spinning wheels made in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales during the 20th century



All that we currently know about this spinning wheel maker is based on a single wheel that was sold on Ebay in February 2022. We believe that the seller was the second owner, and it had been with the first owner from new.

David Crump spinning wheel

Note: the front maiden is held in place by a wooden nut under the mother of all, when unscrewed the maiden can be slid forwards to release the flyer and bobbin.


3/4 view of David Crump spinning wheel

The flyer hooks, seen in photos above and below, are of the bent wire type, made specifically for this wheel and flyer by the wheel maker. This is common on antique wheels, however by late 20th century many makers were moving over to commerically produced standard cup hooks.


flyer and mother of all, David Crump spinning wheel

makers mark, David Crump spinning wheel

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