Spinning wheels made in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales during the 20th century



Granville Swanney was born in Stromness, Orkney, and as a child he loved to watch his granny spin (see article published in YarnMaker no. 20). He is known to have made at least two styles of spinning wheels, an upright wheel and a sloping bed or saxony type of which we have some photos here.

Granville Swanney saxony type spinning wheel

Granville Swanney spinning wheel flyer and bobbin

Note the beautiful handmade wire hooks on the flyer (many modern makers have used industrial produced cup hooks) and brass flyer shaft.

Granville Swanney spinning wheel drive wheel

Granville Swanney spinning wheel drive wheel and crank

There are two grooves in the drive wheel to keep separate the two drive bands this wheel is designed to have (not a single band in a double loop).

Granville Swanney spinning wheel treadle

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